World Oneness Foundation is a US nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that was founded by Sri AmmaBhagavan. The Foundation has been established to support the mission and vision of Sri AmmaBhagavan and Oneness throughout the world. It serves as a resource for Oneness on a global scale, supporting various needs of Oneness internationally, but primarily in India.

The mission and vision of World Oneness Foundation is to help humanity awaken into higher states of consciousness, which naturally makes individuals feel more connected to themselves, humanity, nature, and their Divine. The Foundation directly supports and promotes the activities of Oneness, including
  • Maintaining the Oneness University Website
  • Supporting Oneness Webcasts and Teleconferences
  • Supporting Oneness Conferences for Trainers and Oneness Blessing Givers throughout the world

The world is going through an historic time period and the work of Sri AmmaBhagavan is playing a profound, world-changing role. World Oneness Foundation offers a way for you to support Sri AmmaBhagavan's global vision by making donations online through this Website. We thank you for your support and contributions to help make this work prevail.

World Oneness Foundation is dedicated to maintaining financial transparency so that prospective donors can see how their contributions are actually used. To that end, the Foundation's annual Form 990 (the Information Report filed each year with the United States Internal Revenue Service) will be published on this Website. Click here for latest published 990 form.